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8th Grade Science
Mr. Felker's classes are conducting an interesting experiment today:

Be sure to follow #wearewatauga on Twitter to keep updated on all of the excellent learning taking place in our schools!

Book Fair Dates

Monday, April 13th
                             2:30-6:00 (Family Night)

Tuesday, April 14th                             7:40 – 3:00
Wednesday, April 15th                       7:40 – 4:00
Thursday, April 16th                            7:40 – 4:00
Friday, April 17th                                 7:40 – 3:00

Cooking Club
Hardin Park's Cooking Club
F.A.R.M. Cafe
Mrs. Barr's class recently presented F.A.R.M. Cafe with a donation from Coffee Talk!

2015 WHS Empty Bowls Supper
April 11, Saturday 
2015 WHS Empty Bowls Supper for
Hunger & Health Coalition hosted by
Watauga High School Arts Students
Watauga High School students have been preparing for the 14th  Annual Empty Bowls Supper fund raiser for The Hunger and Health Coalition.  This year the supper is scheduled for Saturday April 11th, 4:30-6:00 p.m. at our Watauga High School commons area.
“The Empty Bowls Project” is an international effort to fight hunger. Our students and local potters create original ceramic bowls. The student volunteers then serve a simple meal of soup and bread which is donated by area restaurants.  Guests choose a bowl to use for the meal and then keep it to take home as a reminder of all the other empty bowls in the world.
A silent auction of donated items by area businesses will be included.  There will be live entertainment by WHS students.  In exchange for the meal and the bowl, a suggested donation of $20-$15 goes to The Hunger & Health Coalition.  Mark your calendars for April 11th and join us for the 14th consecutive year!  Since the first year in 2002, students have raised a total of $74,400 in past thirteen events for the Hunger and Health Coalition! Last year’s event raised $10,400, a new all time record! Please consider coming and helping set a new record!
Tickets can be purchased ahead at WHS front office. Hope to see you there!

Bon Appétit!

Elementary Battle of the Books
Congratulations to our Elementary School Battle of the Books teams! Both teams competed in the Watauga County BOB Competition.  The Red team placed 4th and the Gold team came in 1st! They will move on to the regional competition in April.


Menchie's Fundraiser Night for Hardin Park's Inclusive Playground

Teacher of the Year
Congratulations to Brianne Thurman our Teacher of the Year!  You make Hardin Park proud!
Teacher Assistant of the Year
Congratulations to Becky Wood our Teacher Assistant of the Year!  Way to go!

Middle School Battle of the Books!
Congratulations to our Middle School Battle of the Books teams!  Both teams competed in the Watauga County BOB Competition and the Red team came in 1st!  They will move on to the regional competition in April.
"I Love to Read"- Book Club
Do you have a preschool child? (birth - 5 years) 
Join our "I Love to Read" Book Club!

Story time will begin at 8:00am and books will be provided to take home and share with your child. 

Thursdays 8:00- 8:30 from March 12 - May 7 in the Media Center

Math Counts Team
Congratulations to our Math Counts Team. They came in 2nd place at the Regional Competition so they will be traveling to the state to compete. 
Zachary Klein, ​Ryan Catoe, Bryant Hou, Li Yang, Lucy Rapfogel and Jair Alvarez

2014-2015 School Calendar Update
Click the image to open the full 2014-2105 updated school calendar:

Hardin Park - School Performance Grade

Dear Hardin Park Families,

Under legislation adopted by the NC General Assembly, each public school in NC will be assigned a School Performance Grade this year.  It’s important to understand the new School Performance Grades and this letter will help explain them.
For K-8 schools, the grade is based on the 2013-14 results for End-of-Grade (EOG) reading and mathematics tests for grades 3-8,  EOG science tests for grades 5 and 8, and the End-of-Course (EOC) Math I test for students who take Math I in middle school.  The grade is calculated using a formula that gives 80% weight to student proficiency and 20% to students’ academic growth.
Although the state’s formula is heavily weighted toward proficiency, it’s worth noting that most educators believe academic growth is usually a better measure of school quality.  There is no perfect measure of school performance, but academic growth does ask a better question to evaluate schools: how much progress did students make during the year? How much did their skills and knowledge improve after an additional year of instruction? Not every student will achieve at the same levels in all areas, but every student can learn and grow, and it is the responsibility of schools to help each student learn and grow as much as possible.
With that in mind, we are pleased to note that our school exceeded the state academic growth targets for 2013-14.   This success reflects the hard work of students and teachers and the support they receive from school families and our many community partners.  Thank you for your help in achieving this result.
Our School Performance Grade for 2013-14 is “B.”   The grade on the reading section was a “B” and the grade on the math section was a “B.”  We will use the data behind these grades to focus our attention on areas that need improvement and to further strengthen performance in areas where our students are already succeeding at a high level.  We are committed to continuous improvement in instruction to help our students grow and learn to their highest potential.
If you would like to see more information about School Performance Grades and how they are calculated, you may want to review the PowerPoint presentation available on the news and data page of the Watauga County Schools website.
Please also note that the state is continuing to publish annual School Report Cards. School Report Cards provide more detailed information about state test results, faculty qualifications, and other factors for each school and school district in North Carolina.  A link to this information is posted on the school website and a printed copy will be available on request from the school office.
We are grateful for your continued support as we partner with you to help your child achieve his or her full potential.  If you have questions about School Performance Grades, School Report Cards, or other school topics, please let us know.
Mary Smalling

Please click here to view Hardin Park's School Report Card
Español Versión Traducción

Travel Opportunity for Students - BioBlitz Tour
A fantastic travel opportunity is available for students that are currently in 5th, 6th & 7th Grades!  This trip will take place in late June of 2016, where Mrs. Smalling will be the tour director for an exciting 7 days / 6 nights trip to Oregon! 

Please click on the brochure below to view all of the details and see the itinerary for the BioBlitz Tour.  This will give you and your parents an idea of what you will see and do on this tour.


Playground Fund Donations - Thank You!
***Please view this video that shows how important it is that we reach our goal.  The new playground will enhance the activity of all our students!***

A donation to the playground in honor of your teacher makes a wonderful end of school year gift! Thank you for your continued support with our fundraising efforts.  We have currently raised $126,152.68 !

Thank You to all of the following individuals and businesses who have generously donated to our new Playground Fund.  The Hardin Park students appreciate your help!

Child's Play ($10.00 - $24.99)
Aidan & Drew Fankhauser
Annie, Joey, & Maggie Veno
Kyleigh Ford
Dalton Adams
Mary Rich
Maya Johnston
Madelyn Ellis
Keith Flowers
Olivia Moreno
Rosemary Mock
Sam Vandenberg
Claire McCoy
Timothy & Micah Rushing
Steven Garcia-Martinez
Dalton Coffey
Elizabeth Rivera Alcaraz
Lydia Rothrock
Brielynn Myers
Nhu Huynh

Sarahi Cervantes Aguilar
Frank Veno
Madison & Caleb Ogden
Christopher Heckle
Luo Jing
Nathan Bishop
Landan & Cassie Pennington
Nate & Elizabeth Weigl
Sarahi Cervantes Aquilar

Claudia Cervantes
Robin, Clair and Buck
Willie Hayworth
Jennifer Hayward
Jessica Smith

Maddie Greene and Friends

Pretend ($25.00 - $99.99)
Jack & Ben White
Bailey & Lyndsey Whitehead-Price
Clyde Morton
The Bertrand Family
Denise Lockett
Davis Hunt
Holden Hartzog
Mattie & Katie Mac Greene
Alexandra Newmark
Rebecca & Gwendolyn Anderson
Hardin Park Social Committee
Jonathan Lutabingwa
Garrett Bagley
Melissa Isaacs
Antonio Scherlen
Cody Talton
The Haywood Family
Charlotte Crees
Jennifer Nystrom
Jeffrey & Ryan Collier
Sandy Brubaker
Hannah Zimmerman
The Mellon Family
Aidan, Lindsey, & Nora Williams
Becca & Kate Yoblinski
Ketchel Carey
Wanda Henries
Cyenna, Carolina, & Brianna Davidson
Sam & Matthew Taubman
Corey, Zachary & Laurel West
Emma Monroe
Hugh & Mamie Morton
Greg & Claudine Lovins
Madelyn & Sullivan Trexler
Trey & Courtney Morrison

Chanel Frisco
Claudia Hooker

Scot and Stephanie Sloan
Everett Gryder
Sweet Frog
Tracie Salinas
James and Molly Russell
Mack Brown Inc.
Susan McCracken
Oscar Knight

Eleanor Dundon
Alan and Aaron Mutio
Becky & Joel Moretz
Alan & Sonya Burchell
Fulton Lovin
Julianne Bagley
Jesse Whitaker
The Buzan Family
Katie and Herman van Werkhoven

Noah van Werkhoven
​Sofia Wells

Explore ($100.00 - $499.99)
Luke & Eric Hunter
Lisa Cottom
Mary Smalling
Jack, Sam & Will Byassee
Katie Mac & Alice Knight
Cailey Haas
Curtis Smalling
James & Carol Mellon
Eleanor Dundon

Hunan Chinese Restaurant
Laura and David Pace
Sharon Whalen
Cornerstone Summit Church in honor of Mrs. Smalling
Caleb Mutio
Jerry Cook - A-1 Vacuum Solutions LLC
The Order of Omega Greek Honor Society-ASU

Imagine ($500.00 - $999.99)
The Dean Family

Discover ($1,000.00 - $9999.99)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC
Hardin Park PTO
Los Arcoiris Mexican Restaurant
Jason & Mitzi Triplett
Boone Service League
Phil & Paula Smalling (In honor of Hardin Park's support staff)
Hardin Creek Timber Frame & Millwork

Wells Fargo

Challenge ($10,000.00 and Up)
Daniel Kilgore
Hardin Park School would also like to thank all of the students, parents and staff that placed an "In Honor" donation to help fund our new Monkey Land Playground!

Donated By:             In Honor Of:

Mary Smalling                                                     Hardin Park Faculty & Staff

Bailey Whitehead-Price                                      Mrs. Roten

Lyndsey Whitehead-Price                                  Ms. Beckley

Clyde Morton                                                       Mrs. Hall

Samantha Bertrand                                             Mrs. Eberle

Nathaniel Honea                                                  Mrs. Presnell-Greene

Griffin Honea                                                        Mrs. Hayes

Davis Hunt                                                           Mrs. Hyler

Aiden Fankhauser                                                Mrs. Shaw & Mrs. McCourry

Drew Fankhauser                                                Mrs. Dallas & Ms. Greene

Holden Hartzog                                                    Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Harvey, Mr. Larick

Luke Hunter                                                          Mrs. Hyler

Eric Hunter                                                           Mrs. Mast-Herring, Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Harvey,                                                                                                                                                      & Mr. Larick

Anna Veno                                                            Mrs. Freeman

Joey & Maggie Veno                                            Mrs. Hall

Kati Mac Greene                                                   Mrs. Myers & Mrs. Shields

Mattie Greene                                                       Mrs. Welsh & Mrs. Bennett

Alexandra Newmark                                             Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Isaacs, Mrs. Smalling

Gwendolyn Anderson                                          Mrs. Krause, Mrs. Cottrell

Rebecca Anderson                                              Mrs. Roten, Ms. Saunders, Mrs. Mohr, Mrs. Rothrock

Kyleigh Ford                                                       Mrs. Varipapa & Mrs. Eppley

Dalton Adams                                                      Mr. Felker, Mr. Hopkins, Mrs. Mast-Herring, Mr. Eggers,                                                                                                                                                          & Mr. Pyles

Jonathan Lutabingwa                                          Mrs. Hall

Garrett Bagley                                                     Mrs. Blackburn

Melissa Isaacs                                                     Hardin Park Administrators & Office Staff

Antonio Scherlen                                                 Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. Ward, Mr. Larick

Mary Rich                                                            Hardin Park Administrators

Maya Johnston                                                    Mrs. Nash & Mrs. Gilbert

Ann Mellon                                                           Mrs. Shaw

Mark Mellon                                                         Mrs. Lawrence & Mrs. Rothrock

Patrick Mellon                                                      Mrs. Blakeley & Mrs. West

Aidan, Lindsey & Nora Williams                          Mr. Safferstone & Mr. Selle

Aidan Williams                                                    Mrs. Huffman, Mrs Ward, Mrs. Harvey and Mr. Larick

Lindsey Williams                                                 Mrs. Beckley

Nora Williams                                                      Mrs. Lentz

Becca & Kate Yoblinski                                      Mr. Hiatt, Mrs. Smith, & Mrs. Hayes

Becca Yoblinski                                                 Mr. Hiatt, Mrs. Smith, & Mrs. Hayes

Katie Yoblinski                                                   Mrs. Nash & Mrs. Gilbert

Ketchel Carey                                                   Mr. Hiatt, Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Hayes

Wanda Henries                                                 Office Staff

Brianna Davidson                                             Mr. Larick, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Huffman & Mrs. Harvey

Carolina Davidson                                             Mrs. Saunders

Sienna Davidson                                               Mrs. Blackburn

Cailey Haas                                                       Mr. Hiatt, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hayes and all Exploratory Teachers

Claire McCoy                                                     Mr. Hiatt, Mrs. Smith, & Mrs. Hayes 

Timothy Rushin                                                 Mrs. Roten

Micah Rushin                                                    Mrs. Lentz

Sam & Matthew Taubman                                 Mrs. Isaacs, Mrs. Smalling, Mrs. Allain, Mrs. Huffman, Mr. Larick, Mrs. Ward, & Mrs. Harvey

Zachary West                                                   Mr. Hiatt, Mrs. Smith, & Mrs. Hayes

Corey West                                                       Mr. Felker, Mr. Eggers, Mr. Pyles, & Mr. Hopkins

Laurel West                                                       Mrs. Shaw

Cody Talton                                                      Mrs. Blackburn

Everett Hayward                                              Mrs. McCourry

Griffin Hayward                                               Mrs. Lawrence

Charlotte Crees                                                Mrs. Dallas & Ms. Greene

Madelyn Ellis                                                    Mrs. Hall

Sam Nystrom                                                   Mrs. Blakeley, Mrs. Allain, Mrs. West, Mrs. McCourry & Mrs. Dees

Jeffrey Collier                                                  Mrs. Shields

Ryan Collier                                                     Mrs. Blakeley

Kaylee Cottom                                                 Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Harvey & Mr. Larick

Lauren Cottom                                                Mrs. Brubaker, Mrs. Roten, Mrs. Saunders & Mrs. Mohr

Keigh Flowers                                                Hardin Park Administrators & Office Staff

Mary Smalling                                                 Hardin Park Students

Olivia Marino                                                   Mrs. Heckle & Mrs. Hyler

John Byassee                                                Mrs. James

Sam Byassee                                                 Mrs. Shaw

Will Byassee                                                   Mrs. Blackburn

Rosemary Mock                                              Hardin Park Office Staff

Sam Vandenberg                                           Mrs. Krause

Ben White                                                       Mrs. Nash, Mrs. Cottrell & Mrs. Krause

Jack White                                                      Mrs. McCourry & Mrs. Rothrock

Alice Knight                                                    Mrs. Mohr, Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Brubaker & Mrs. Roten

Katie Mac Knight                                            Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Harvey & Mr. Larick

Sandy Brubaker                                             Hardin Park Administrators & Office Staff

Hannah Zimmerman                                       Mr. Felker, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Eggers & Mr. Pyles

Emma Monroe                                                Mrs. Scott

Steven Garcia-Martinez                                 Mrs. Lentz

Dalton Coffey                                                 Mrs. Hall

Elizabeth Rivera-Alvarez                               Mrs. Shaw

Eleanor Dundon                                             Mrs. Shaw

Los Arcois                                                     Hardin Park School

Eleanor Richardson
                             Mrs. Lawrence

Child's Play (10.00-24.99)
Pretend (25.00-100.00)
Explore (100.00-499.99)
Imagine (500.00-999.99)
Discover (1000.00-9999.99)
Challenge (10,000.00 and Up)

Educators Continuing To Learn

Brian Costin attended "Math Behind the Market: The Math Behind the Stock Market Game" at NCCAT.  He also attended "Financial Literacy/Virtual Economics" in Wendell, NC.  Both of these trainings were through the North Carolina Council for Economic Education.

Lindsey Wilson, Erin Selle, and Mary Smalling attended the BB & T Teacher Leadership Institute, at the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT) in Ocracoke.
Maria Mohr, DeAnna Lyons, Corrie Freeman, Jessica Presnell-Greene, and Wendy Lawrence attended the World View Symposium in Chapel Hill.
Kate Feller, Crystal Norris, and Megan Mayberry attended Building an Early Grades Literacy Foundation, at NCCAT in Oakcracoke.

Amy Hiatt and Craig Marze attended the NC Googlefest 2014 Conference in Lenoir.

Online School Payments Portal for Hardin Park

Online School Payments

By clicking the above link, you can view our new Online School Payments Portal.  This will take you directly to the Hardin Park portal where you may set up a parent account.  Beginning soon, you will be able to make payments for school fees, yearbooks, playground donations, field trips and more!

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